The University of South Dakota 2018 Dan Lennon Invitational

Class A (Monday March 19th, 2018) - Schedule
Class B (Tuesday March 20th, 2018)- Schedule

Entry Process
Choose the link below to the meet that you plan to attend, where you will put the names of your athletes in our system. No unattached athletes will be allowed to enter the meet. All entries are due by March 15th, 2018 at 11:59PM.

• For Class A entries:
• For Class B entries:

  1. Click on the correct link above.
  2. Once you sign-up for the meet you will either “add individual entry” (in the left column) or import your roster (if you attended another USD meet this year).
  3. You will then enter ALL your athlete’s name and grade into the meet, then hit continue
  4. REVISED ENTRY PROCEDURE THIS YEAR - you will need to register your athletes for ALL events. The actual seeding process for all events will be done prior to the meet, we ask that you register your ALL athletes in ALL of their events on the website. All events will be pre-seeded based on entry marks in hopes of speeding up the meet.
  5. On the next screen you will just hit "save".
  6. Final Declarations — you will need to do final declarations when you have entered everyone that you plan to bring to the meet in their events. Click "View my entry list" in the left column to confirm that everyone you plan to bring is entered. Be careful not to press the "Declare List" button at the bottom of the page, until you are certain your list is complete and accurate. Once you press "Declare List" you will no longer be able to change your entries and the meet director will assume your list is complete. You are able to save your list and return later to add more people if you click "save without declaring", BUT YOU MUST RETURN prior to the deadline to DECLARE
  7. Relay names — you will be asked the names of those running in your relays when you do entries. These names can be changed on the day of the meet. Please give revised names to the timing table before the race is run so the athletes can receive proper credit.

Entry Fee

$125 per gender or $10 per athlete
DO NOT SEND A CHECK- bring check with you to the meet or letter from business manager saying your check will be sent. Payment or letter from your business manager is required day of the meet or your team will not be allowed to compete.

Plaques for place 1 through 5 in all Individual events
Plaques for place 1 - 3 in the Relays

Outside Food
No outside food be allowed into the DakotaDome

This meet is sanctioned in the states of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska
High School Athletes Only

Number of Entries
Limit of 3 people/event and Limit of 2 relay teams per event/school


Minimum Measure Marks
In order to speed up the jumps these marks will be strictly enforced
Boys LJ 17-06, Girls LJ 14-00, Girls TJ 28-00, Boys TJ 36-00, Boys Shot 39-00, Girls Shot 29-00

Starting Blocks
No Starting blocks will be used except in the 60 dash and 60m hurdles

Warm up and Team Camps
No team camps on the DakotaDome floor. All team camps must be in the permanent seating of the DakotaDome.Unless you are warming up for an event you will be asked to sit in the seating section.

Coaches can be on the DakotaDome floor but only to coach their student athletes.Any concerns regarding  meet management should be directed to Lucky Huber – Meet Director

Dressing Facilities
Available in the DakotaDome. All athletes are responsible for their own valuables

Training Facilities
The USD training room is open. Bring your own supplies if needed. Contact Bruce Fischbach head athletic trainer with questions 605-677-5960

Spikes and Surfaces
Spikes can be worn..1/4 inch or less. No Christmas tree spikes
The Shot Put surface is plywood.
Meet implements will be weighed 1 hour before the event is scheduled to start. Indoor shots only

False Start
The no false start rule will be in effect

With Questions E mail