Strength Training Presentations

Developing Speed: Keys to a Successful training model
Keys to developing a successful sprint program, and how it is done at USD. Starting at the macrocycle to the mesocycles down and finally to simple execution of every drill and how it fits into the overall scheme.

Speed Hurdling
Breaks down the concept of Speed Hurdling. Places an emphasis on stride frequency and hurdle technique moving faster than race pace. Hurdles are placed closer and lower than competition distances.

Developing Jumpers
Philosophy on how to bring the best out of your jumpers mentally and Physically. Breaks down the training and development into 3 key areas; Speed, Strength and Skill.

Pace, Don’t Race – Planning Workouts to Enhance Performance
Provides Themes of Race Training and qualities a good training plan should have. Along with some example distance workouts to bring out the best in any distance athlete.

Training Theories for Hurdlers & Sprinters (60-800m)
Give some general tips and training techniques on developing proper acceleration patters and all-around good running form. Also gives some fundamental thoughts on speed training.

Weight Training for Track & Field Athletes
Shows several different core strengthening exercises and why they are important. Teaches proper lifting techniques and why it is good to do progression lifts. It also has many different types of weight training exercises. 

Jumpers: How to make them jump farther!
Lists several different exercises that are meant to improve all around jumping strength, coordination, and ability. Also gives theories behind proper jumping technique in the long jump and triple jump.

Discus Training for the HS Thrower
Goes through basic throwing technique from the back of the ring all the way through to the finish also gives some training ideas and exercises.

Jamaican Jump Series
The Jamaican Jump series is a combination of low impact plyometrics, lunges, and hip flexor strength. Designed to improve proper running form, and improve the athletes conditioning. 

»Lung 360 With Bounce     »Diagonal Lunges    »Running Arms With Pause 

Bar Workout
The bar workout is designed to work a wide variety of muscle groups such as; shoulders, abdominals, hip flexors, biceps, and back.  These muscle groups are vital in developing total body strength which provides the athlete with the tools necessary to be successful in track and field.